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Welcome and thank you for your visit. This site is dedicated to all those who live inside bodies they know or perceive to be not theirs. There are thousands of humans, animals and plants who are housed in other humans, animals and pants bodies and have found it difficult to escape. This site is for the purpose of advancing resources to enable such escapes in the future when technology has advanced to that level.

All living things living on earth compete for resources. We think one of those resources is bodies. We

Over the last few years it has become apparent to everyone involved in information exchange that there are people who live inside other people‚Äôs or other living things’ bodies. While some are content with their plight, others are struggling with it and would like to be helped out.

Working on the assumption that these victims and their families are not currently getting the type of help they deserve, we came together to create a facility for gathering information and technologies to help each other out The whole world has ignored this issue all along and in some cases, antagonised or victimised those who are already victims of the phenomenon.

This site outlines the extend of the phenomenon of living inside a body that belongs to someone else or living outside your own body. We look at everything that has so far been done about it and how effective it has been for the affected groups. We also look at what other possible forms of help we may be able to access and their possible effectiveness against the current scale of the problem and current view points about it.

We urge you to join us in working for such eventualities and to help speed up the development of any technologies that may arise from our discussions, which may help currently living victims to start benefiting. We also would like you to be part of the change over from negative attitudes to more positive attitudes and practical contributions.

We also urge all those affected to come forward and help by giving perspectives to our efforts and to highlight the real effects of the phenomenon on victims’ lives. Before anyone can help, it is better if they understand the actual problem almost as much as we, as victims, understand it.

Estimates in Europe put the number of body-swapping at 6% of the European population. The figure is based on a single criterion of gender. That means that based only on people known to be housed in bodies whose genders are different from what the victims know to be their correct genders, the number of victims is around 6%. We know that there are at least 14 criteria for which body swapping is manifesting at present. If we assume that each of these criteria accounts for victims of the same range of numbers, We realise that the number of affected people may well be very high.

It is highly possible that the victims of body swapping are swapped on more than one criterion. This make the estimation of actual numbers difficult, but it is known that the victims of gender-based body swapping account for around 6% in Europe along. It is thought that the proportion of the population affected in The USA is much higher. In both geographical areas the incidence of person to person body swapping is increasing.

To date there is no Scientific study conducted in a serious scientific method to try to understand the mechanisms of human to human body swapping or human to other species body swapping. The International Fraternity for Missing Bodies, IFMB, aims to change this state of affairs with your help.

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