Who decides and Why?

When body swapping is evidenced at a young age, for example, the parents of a young child of below ten years of age notice that the child has been swapped from a boy (as per birth certificate), and the child is now clearly presenting as a girl (as per mannerisms, dress preference, hair style preference and toy preference), should they, and their GP make the decision to aid transmission to girlhood via hormones and scalpel, or should they wait till the child is of age and can decide on its own?

What is the more rational view and why? What is in the interest of the child?

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  1. My thinking is that it is not proper for a parent to hand their child to doctors to cut bits off. There should be a law that allows children to sue doctors and parents later on for making such life changing decisions on their behalf. Better to leave the child to grow to 18 plus when she/he can make their own decisions.

    This is my personal opinion which should not be confused with any other opinion.

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