What Assessment Criteria?

What assessment criteria should we use when assessing the impact of a health event or situation on the public, and what resource we should allocate to it at that time?

Historical examples show that the WHO has always waited for a crisis to develop to its full extend before they got involved in any discussion about health threats and Risk assessment to the global family. A quick look back shows:
1 The HIV crisis which killed millions of people across the globe
2 The Malaria issues which occurred year after year for many years and killed many in the tropics
3 The Ebola Crisis which killed many people in Africa but was only acted upon when Europeans and Americans started to be infected
4 The Cholera virus whose causes are known yet the WHO does nothing to countries that deliberately allow outbreaks to start.
5 Typhoid, as in 4.
6 Avian Flue in recent years
7 Now the Corona virus.

What criteria should be used to assess the public threat these virus present at that particular time? How should WHO react?

Now we have a case of body swapping, which is estimated to affect up to 6% of the general global public. Assuming that figure is correct, and in the light of the fact that we do not know the mechanisms or triggers of body swapping, might it be better to assign a high risk status now and would to investigate the potentials for solutions before the incidence explodes to say 96% when the systems n place might then not be able to cope? Are our risk assessment methods of the correct quality?

We should be getting help from all major organisations such as:

and multi-nationals, specially those interested in training and health. Imagine a sudden case of multiple body swapping starting and propagating in a factory such as the Nissan car plant or the Airbus plane manufacturing plant or Glaxo-Smith Kline plant, where there is a high density of well trained individuals. Imagine a large number of them the following day presenting as different individuals or different species or people of different races, which the home offices of respective countries would see as illegal immigrants worthy of deportation or arrest. How would the affected companies cope? We know that such mass body swapping has not yet happened, but seeing that nobody knows how it can happen or what triggers its events, is it industrially, functionally, socially, academically, operationally, and globally expedient for governments and the organisations to properly study the phenomenon?

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