Conditions for body swapping

Wish some of us would look into the possibility that body swapping may increase under certain conditions such as:

During a storm:

Storms invoke fear in both humans and animals. Fear causes different reactions depending on what the source of the fear is. In some cases there is a need to take refuge in some protective shelter. What if one of the reactions is spontaneous body swapping? This is not to say spontaneous body swapping will occur during a storm, but to propose an investigation into such a condition as a prelude for body swapping occurrences in humans and other species.

We would like to hear from you. On this possibility. If you do

During an eclipse

A lot of humans think that weird events happen during an eclipse, especially a solar eclipse, when the sun is prohibited by the moon to show it light. There is a lot of confusion during such an event. Animals, insects, humans, and some plants display signs of confusion. An eclipse is a strange and frightening event that induces fear and nervousness in the best of us. These are what we see. What about what we do not see?  Could it be that it is also a good time for body swapping to take place while people are focussed on the main event?

During a period of heavy fog.

Heavy fog brings damp conditions where the air is saturated with moisture. If you watch fog from a high hill, when there is a bi of wind, you will notice two of its attributes. The first is that it limits visibility significantly. The second is that it seems to pour down into the valley, suggesting that it is more dense than dry air, but is it?

Thick fog has been known to cause unusual events such as the suspension of battles or an increase in smog, the travel of high-pitched sound, etc.

We also know that at the point of event, in most processes to do with reproduction, there are fluids and babies thrive in fluids in their mothers’ bellies before birth. Our body skins do much better in moist conditions, a fact which has triggered a huge industry in moisturisers. Moisture has a range of effects on us. We assume that body swapping is an offshoot of something in out bodies.

What if there are other effects we have simply not noticed because we have not looked. What is fog, Mist, or even haze creates optimal conditions for body swapping? Is it worthy of an investigation?

During a heatwave or a freeze:

Anyone who has ever been in a heatwave will testify to its adverse effects on living things. The number of health threats caused by heatwaves is significant. The human body is limited to a very narrow range of temperatures and starts to cook at about 420C.

In freezing temperatures, if the body is not warmed up somehow, the person can be in a state where they cannot resist outside threats and can be subject to unwanted influences. We have heard of soldiers who fail to react when a military device explodes nearby, just because they have been in low temperatures for too long without adequate weather protection.

During a drought when resources are scarce

During a drought, a lot of changes happen and any given species competes for resources. We currently have no data or information on why body swapping takes place. Might there be some logic in it being based on an attempt to increase survival probability under prevailing conditions such a droughts? Could it be some aspects of droughts that set them off? We know that certain species disappear during droughts. They lay eggs in specialised places which can shelter the eggs for long periods of time. Examples of this might be the arid-adapted locusts found I Southern Africa, which can disappear for years and then suddenly come back in colossal numbers after the rain. The eggs for this insect can stay in the ground for up to several years with the embryos developing at slow rates  based on prevailing conditions. As soon as the rains come and the temperature increases, the embryos increase their development rates and fast become locusts.

Might there be an event, such as a drought, that might trigger body swapping, as a logical species protection against adverse conditions. What is the logical mechanism for it? If we look into it, might we find a hind that might help us prevent body swapping.

During the first trimester of pregnancy

There are a lot of uncertainties during the first trimester. The uncertainties reduce with time from day one of fertilisation. It is known that there is a fair number of spontaneous abortions that take place, mostly without the person even knowing that they have had fertilisation. There are other threats.

Could it be that body swapping is one of the threats and that it mostly happens at this time. A lot of people who admit to having had a body swap seem to imply hat they first realised their status at a very young age and that they also developed a concern against their condition at this very young age. Is it the case that they had been swapped much earlier before birth?

When the mother eats certain foods during pregnancy.

What about foods during pregnancy?  We know that some expectant mothers, and also fathers, experience an uncontrollable craving for certain foods during pregnancy, What is the food in question increases the likelihood of the unborn baby’s proneness to body swapping? There has been studies on what primarily causes food craving  during pregnancy, but when we look at all the studies and their hypothesis and  conclusions, we do not see the concept of body swapping having been included in any of those studies.

Might body swapping be a by-product of the already existing craving and subsequent consumption of the craved food? Might it only affect those craving certain types of food, or maybe those that have a total lack of craving? Might it be that there is a craving index which at a certain narrow range triggers the unborn baby to seek body swapping with similarly placed unborn babies?

When the mother takes certain drugs during pregnancy

We know that almost all drugs have side effects. If you spend time reading about side effects of drugs, you might be forgiven for refusing to take drugs when you are not well. We also know that prescription drugs as well as illicit drugs, are responsible for a small but significant number of deaths in most countries where drugs are easily available. In countries where refined drugs are not readily available, such as Zimbabwe, people still die after taking uncertified drugs for their ailments.

So, what if a pregnant woman takes drugs which may affect the baby and cause it to react by seeking to swap bodies with maybe another baby in the same or different conditions?

Illnesses, events and conditions during pregnancy:

There are life changing illnesses which may affect the unborn baby. There are STIs and STDs, then there are conditions like TB, diabetes, obesity, low BMI, etc, which can affect the mother, or both the mother and unborn baby.

Do we need to look into all of these to see if we can isolate at least one cause of body swapping.


A quick read of the above shows that nobody is clear about the mechanisms or conditions for body swapping to take place. We have not even found out the full extent of the phenomenon. Assuming that we can prove that those who experience body swapping are not just victims of different mental illnesses, that logically we need to investigate and conclude rationally.

The items listed above are many and it would be a costly investment to investigate each one to its logically end in our quest to find the one culprit. The cheapest option might seem like universities, and we know that many a PHD thesis is gathering dust having been a result of a thorough investigation which led to the conclusion that something was not viable or was not commensurate with the hypothesis, thus putting a full stop to the study.

It is useful to investigate and to conclude one way or the other. The best way would be to carry out these investigations simultaneously with each investigation independent of the others so there is no undue contamination of data, thoughts, or influence.

At the IntFran we are of the opinion that people with passion for study should volunteer to investigate. People with passion for knowledge should help with funding so we can afford university fees for our volunteers to do their work.

We think that because you have read it, you cannot unread it from your mind. We cannot either!!

Please send us your thoughts and how you might help. If you have had body swapping experiences, please send us a summarised version of your story. Do not include your name as we are not GDPR registered. Your nickname is much better.

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