Continued Torment or Action?

Life outside your body is not fun. A lot of us realised early in life that the bodies housing us were not the bodies we should be having. Obviously something has gone wrong. It is not easy to speak to adults about it as they keep telling you there is nothing wrong with you, or that you are going through a bad patch and you will get over it.

But we all know that once you are in the wrong body, you need a real solution. At present nobody we have spoken to knows what that real solution is. The doctors, who are the only people who have tried to address our problem, have sometimes ended up suggesting solutions that we were afraid to refuse, even though they may have sometimes been positively dangerous to health. As no other profession has attempted to help we end up just listening to doctors.

It might have been better if maybe Engineers had been involved. They types of investigation seem better placed to solve our problem and we are surprised that they have so far, not been prominent in this regard.

Our situation requires
1 An open discussion
2 An investigation using clear Scientific Methods from people with open minds, who speak to a wide range of victims and accept a variety of evidences before listing possible solutions and investigating the effectiveness of each solution.
3 A clear technological attempt to solve it without prejudice.

We sincerely hope to attract inputs from people all walks of life who are genuinely interested in our plight, who will understand it and give it the time and effort that it deserves.

There is a lot of us out here and we need real help. It is suggested we keep the housing bodies in their original state, in case we find their owners and by default find our own. We believe that those who have our bodies also should not damage them in any way in case they find us and swapping technology can be found.


  1. If you have lived in a body that is not yours or you know someone who is living in a body that is not theirs, we would like to hear from you. Write your brief story and tell us how you have been.

    • About 6% of the world’s population of humans are in bodies they were not born in. You probably have met a lot of people who were born in different bodies. In countries such as the USA, such people are coming forward to demand their bodies back. However, nobody as yet know where the bodies are. This will be the case till all such people come forward and bodies can be matched to their original owners. If you have not yet been introduced to anyone affected by this unwanted life changing event, it is possible that you have met some but was unaware that they are affected. In the near future there will be a lot of people coming out somewhere near you, as technology for body swapping is invented and refined.

      There are many websites now dedicated to gender issues, which are part of body swapping. Everybody who reports as being trapped in a man/woman’s body when in fact they are a different body, has been body swapped

  2. How can I determine whether or not someone I am talking to is in a different body than they were born in? Is it freaky talking to such a person. Whose voice does the person use?

    • There is no need for you to determine that at all. Each affected person knows already whether they are in a swapped body or in an original body. Since being in a swapped body is not dangerous or detrimental to anyone, there is no need to know who is whom. All you need to know is your own status. Its like wearing under clothes. Other people need not know what you are wearing under your outer clothes as it does not affect anyone else.

  3. Do you mean a person is severely mentally ill to the point that he thinks he is someone else?
    There is no possibility that body swapping can be real, is there? Where is the evidence for such a thing?

    • In the UK alone, at least 24000 doctors (medical doctors that are allowed to practise medicine on the general public) do hold the view that bodies can be swapped and based on this view they each year carry out surgery they believe might help to release affected individuals from their trapping bodies. What they release them to is another discussion altogether, but the point is all these doctors do not see the phenomenon as a form of mental illness. Indeed mental illness is not discussed in these instances. The clear belief if that the patient is presenting as a victim of a body swap.

      The fact that some of us do not clearly follow the concept does not mean the concept does not exist, but more that it needs collective investigation.

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