Body Swapping

Body swapping is said to have occurred when the victim finds himself/herself housed in a body that is not originally theirs. Imagine you look in the mirror before you go to bed and you look like yourself, a beautiful teenager of say 12 years of age. Imagine you get up in the morning and see yourself in the same mirror, only to find you now look like a boy, of the same age, but much taller and with the first signs of a moustache. When you try to talk to your parents about it, they totally refuse to listen to you. You know the mirror does not lie. You also know your eyes do not lie. What you see is the evidence for a body swap.

There are many instances of body swapping, affecting an estimated 6% of the global population. You may be one of the victims. Find out and help to solve the problem by joining our Fraternity.

As members of the IFMB (International Fraternity for Missing Bodies) , we currently have no beliefs about what body swapping is or how it takes place. We are interested in investigating these concepts to the full, using genuine scientific methods only and arriving at credible conclusions only.

We think that the phenomenon manifests itself in a variety of instances which all adversely affect humans. The most damaging so far has been that of gender based body swapping where the victim finds themselves in bodies of the wrong gender as their first evidence that body swapping has taken place.

We say this is the most damaging because the implications to victims have been catastrophic. The other, so far identified criteria manifesting in humans, are not recognised by those who are not victims yet. Although we have identified 14 criteria, we think there are more.

If you find yourself housed in a body that shows traits that do not belong to you, chances are you have undergone body swapping. You may need to answer a few questions for us before we suggest what you might do to confirm that you are a victim.

There is no compensation scheme about this phenomenon in any country so far, and no insurance company will currently insure you against such. It is left to all of us, victims and our friends and families to come together and solve the issue.

Body swapping seems to happen between
Humans and humans
Humans and land Creatures
Humans and Plants
Humans and water creatures
Humans and air creatures.

The mechanisms are not understood but it is thought that any type of body swapping starts and finishes in a matter of nano-seconds, and is currently irreversible, as far as human technology is concerned at present. With your help we can change that.

The reaction of your parents when they find out that you have been body swapped can be just as distressing as the body swap itself. You need their support but you may also end up supporting them in their confusion. Other family members may also react in unusual manner. You need to make them understand that there is nothing you can do yourself as you are the primary victim. However, if they can join the fraternity with you, the family’s experience might speed up the finding of the solutions to as least some forms of body swapping.

We will publish a booklet here soon, detailing as many aspects of the phenomenon as the fraternity can find. The more people read and let us know their beliefs or experiences, the faster we will convince or influence our scientists to devise suitable experiments to solve the issue.

We hope some universities will ask their under-graduate and post-graduate students to consider researching the concepts raised by the fraternity and help formulate correct thinking on the matter.