Send Us Your Story

We are going to operate a BRING AND SHARE policy for all our members. To enable this, we are asking you to write a short story on your ( or someone you know) body swapping experience so far.

You can tell us such facts as

How old you were when you realised your body had been swapped
How you explained it to your family and how they reacted
How the professionals investigated your case and what their conclusions were.
How the whole experience has affected you personally
What your honest opinion is about what should have happened to you.

Your story will be edited slightly to fit into our set criteria for publishing. Your name will not be published at all. In fact all data that refer to you directly, (if you include it accidentally or on purpose) will be removed to protect your privacy. We will not keep the data either as we have no reason to.

Thank you for your time and help

Please send your submission to [email protected]