The Fraternity

What The International Fraternity for Missing Bodies (IFMB) is:
The International Fraternity for Missing Bodies (IFMB) is the coming together of all those people, out of the global population, who are concerned about the fact that the number of people living outside of their bodies is increasing.  There is not viable solution to this problem at present, but we know that a solution is possible and we all want to work towards the finding or formulation of such a solution within the foreseeable future.

Aims and objectives:
The IFMB aims to find solutions to the problem of people living outside their bodies and return their rightful bodies to them and to return also those bodies they currently have to their rightful owners. This is to be achieved through:

·         The advancement of investigation methods

·         The advancement of body identification technologies

·         The advancement of body swapping technologies

·         The advancement of human transportation technologies

·         The advancement of clarity of interactions between species

·         The improvement of human collaboration when solving problems that affect our species globally

Our Aspirations:

We hope to have members who have excelled in their professions and can think outside the current boxes on this matter. We hope to have members who can take a lead in explaining the make-up of solutions and possible solutions that might develop into technology that can be used to both recover and return the bodies that have been swapped to their original rightful owners, if the owners can be found.

In particular we would like the assistance of people from the professions listed below. If you are in any of them, we think you could be of some help to us. We would like you to join our fraternity and participate in the discussions. The Fraternity needs you.

 If you have read anything published here and you disagree with it, we would like you to register your  disagreement in a manner that increases understanding to those of us who read your submissions. Still we would like you to join so you can be that voice that stops us and makes us see the other side of the discussion.  The fraternity needs you.

If you currently have no opinion on the matter and you would like more information of any kind, we invite you to join us and use your inquisitive mind to ask challenging questions which someone hopefully can answer and point us all in the direction that will benefit the victims of body swapping. The fraternity needs you.

The only qualification for membership is that you keep an open mind and you work towards a clearer understanding of all issues relating to the missing bodies and the body swapping  phenomenon.

Professions and Occupations Required.

accountant babysitter cab driver clergyman dancer ecologist
actor baker calligrapher clergywoman dentist economist
actress ballerina cameraman clerk dentist’s nurse editor
actuary banker captain clown deputy educator
advisor barber cardiologist coach dermatologist electrician
aide baseball player caregiver cobbler designer emperor
ambassador basketball player Carpenter composer Detective empress
football player bellhop carpenter concierge detective engineer
animator biologist cartographer construction worker dictator entertainer
archer blacksmith cartoonist constructor director entomologist
architect bookkeeper cashier consul disc jockey entrepreneur
artist bowler catcher contortionist Diver environmentalist
astronaut boxer caterer contractor diver escapologist
astronomer builder catholic nun cook doctor executive
athlete businessman cellist cop domestic worker explorer
attorney businesswoman chaplain coroner doorman exporter
auctioneer butcher chauffeur counsellor driver exterminator
author butler chef courier drummer extra (in a movie)
    chemist cryptographer dry cleaner  
    cleaner custodian    
falconer game designer hairdresser Illustrator jailer karate teacher
farmer garbage man handyman Immigration officer janitor karateka
financier gardener harpist importer jester
fire-fighter gatherer highway patrol influencer jeweller
fisherman Geisha hobo inspector jockey
flight attendant gem cutter housekeeper instructor journalist
flutist general housewife intern judge
football player geneticist hunter internist  
foreman geographer   interpreter  
foreman geologist   inventor  
forest ranger golfer   investigator  
labourer magician naturalist oboist painter police
landlord maid navigator observer palaeontologist police officer
landscaper mail carrier negotiator operator paralegal assistant policeman
laundress manager notary ophthalmologist park ranger policewoman
lawyer manufacturer novelist optician parking officer politician
lecturer marine biologist nun oracle pathologist pope
legal aide marketer Nurse orderly pawnbroker postman
librarian martial arts nurse ornithologist peddler president
librettist mason   paediatrician priest
lifeguard mathematician   percussionist prince
linguist mayor   performer princess
lobbyist mechanic   pharmacist principal
locksmith member of parliament   philanthropist private
lunchroom supervisor messenger   philosopher private detective
lyricist midwife   photographer process engineer
  milkman   physician producer
  miner   physicist professor
  mistress   pianist programmer
  model   pilot project engineer
  monk   pimp project leader
  muralist   pirate prostitute
  musician     pitcher prophet
        plumber psychiatrist
        poet psychologist
quarterback sailor tailor umpire valet Waiter
quiz-master salesperson tax collector undertaker veteran waiter
  samurai taxi driver usher veterinarian waitress
R saxophonist taxidermist   vicar warden
radiologist scholar teacher   violinist warrior
rancher scientist teaching Assistant   watchmaker
ranger scout technician   weaver
real estate agent scuba diver tennis player   welder
receptionist seamstress test pilot   wig maker
recovery assistant secretary tiller   window cleaner
recovery driver security guard toolmaker   woodcarver
referee senator trader   workman
registrar shelf packer train conductor   wrangler
repairer sheriff trainer   writer
repairman singer translator    
reporter smith trash collector    
representative socialite travel agent    
researcher soldier treasurer    
restaurateur soothsayer truck driver    
retailer spy tutor    
retiree star typist    
roofer statistician      
  street sweeper      

We also would like the advice and participation of those who think they have no professions or occupations, but know that they have open minds and can make a contribution to our discussions on this important matter .

Our time scale for solving the problem:

-We hope that this phenomenon will start being addressed seriously within the next ten years, when there will be some demonstrable technologies to use to arrest the escalation of body swapping  and maybe even to swap back the already swapped bodies having successfully identified the rightful owners of the bodies.

-The speeds at which body swapping happens and the causes and triggers for such events should have been catalogued from as early as the first case was identified. Machines for successfully recording such events should have been built and tested.

-Within this period, we would like to have compiled a database of those living outside their own bodies and those in whose bodies they live. -Research at universities should have started within the next few years. We should start to see graduates with degrees in aspects of body swapping, and Nobel prizes being given for advances towards solving the problem, just like there were prizes given to those pioneers who solved the issues we take for granted today.

-Statements pertaining to human rights of both sides of the victims should have been added to the human rights codes of many countries by now.

-The judiciary should have added laws about the illegality of body swapping and decided whom to prosecute in such cases, if at all. Statements about such events, whether as crimes or as events in need of police monitoring, should have been included in police training manuals and professional examinations.

-There should have been laws to stop doctors mutilating those bodies that are proven to be housing victims of the phenomenon without proper technological advancements, in case we find their owners and examine the possibility of returning the bodies. It is not proper to damage goods that do not belong to you or that you have no jurisdiction over.

Thank you for Reading.

How to Join:

Please Email us with your preferred name and brief on

[email protected]